Refer and Earn

Why should you refer a movie?

Support a new and emerging artist

The artists you love could use your support in promoting their creation. The movies on our platform are made by new and emerging artists who are trying to make it in this world with their talent.

Become a brand ambassador of the movies you like

Referring a movie to your friends and family means becoming the brand ambassador of the movie. Use this as a tool to share your interests with your loved ones.

You earn a part of the movie ticket

When you refer a movie to someone and they watch it, you get 10% of the ticket price immediately in your account. You can refer as many movies to as many people as you like, no limits to how far you can go!

How it works?


You can become a partner in the movie’s success. 
Start earning 25% of the ticket price when someone purchases a ticket using your Affiliate Link.

Step 1

Click on ‘My Profile’ after logging into your account.

In your Profile menu, click on ‘Become a Partner’

Step 2

After you have become a partner, you will start to see the ‘Affiliates’ item in your menu.
Once you open the Affiliates menu, click on ‘Links’.

On this page you can copy Affiliate links. Share these links with others and get 25% of the ticket cost if they purchase the movie ticket using your link.

Step 3

Once others have used your affiliate code, you can track the amount you receive in the ‘Transaction’ page inside the ‘Reports’ menu.

You can start to redeem this amount once it becomes higher than ₹100.